Business Tax

Headed in the Right Direction?

Without the help of a tax professional, it’s difficult enough to know the business tax filing requirements of the federal, state and local authorities, much less consider the impact that taxes will have on decisions you make for the future. Making sense of complex federal and state laws and staying on top of tax law changes can be overwhelming. Let us help guide you through the maze while identifying opportunities as we help you strategically plan across multiple years.

Making Sense of It All

The professionals at BRC can help.  Providing tax services is the foundation of our practice We’ve been providing trusted, efficient and valuable tax services to our clients since 1947. We strive to provide our clients greater value.  We specialize in making sense of complex federal and state laws and stay on top of tax law changes so you don’t have to.  In addition to extensive knowledge of federal and state tax law, our firm has a range of industry specialists who bring specific insight and strategies to each engagement.  We review each return to ensure that we have taken advantage of all opportunities on your behalf.  However, tax compliance is only the beginning.

Innovative, proactive tax planning should be an integral part of every major decision for your business.  The corporate tax professionals at BRC will be with you throughout the year and at every stage of your company’s growth with ideas and advice to ensure that you only pay the amount of tax for which you are legally obligated.  Strategic tax planning services can enable you to make better business decisions and maximize both your after-tax cash flow and profits.  Our approach works to diffuse problems early, eliminate surprises, and convert would be challenges into opportunities.

Our offerings include:

  • Business tax preparation
  • Choice of business entity planning
  • Business acquisitions and dispositions
  • State and local income and franchise taxes
  • Real and personal property taxes
  • Business incentives and tax credits
  • Qualified and non-qualified retirement plans
  • Tax compliance services

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