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Both new and established businesses encounter a common challenge: sustaining an in-house accounting team that is highly skilled and technologically advanced, as well as multi-level resources that are scarce. A practical solution lies in outsourcing accounting services.

Just as executives rely on help from outside specialists who understand their business, many of these executives are realizing the value of entrusting a wide range of accounting functions to external experts. This approach allows them to bypass the hefty investments needed to recruit and train proficient staff, update and track software trends, ensure the latest in data security, and uphold a robust accounting department. Instead, they can redirect their focus towards their business. The assurance and reliability offered by external accounting services more than justify the investment, providing business leaders with invaluable peace of mind.

Design and Implementation: We leverage cloud-based accounting solutions integrated with other key business applications to reduce time and costs involved in accounting operations.

Back Office Accounting: We handle the work using standardized paperless processes for accounts payable, employee expense reports, billing and receivables, payroll, deposits, bank reconciliations and other accounting processes.

Real-Time Financial Reporting: We provide secure access to your financial information via any internet connection including dashboards, account reconciliations and monthly financial reporting with variances to budget and prior year results. Timely reliable financial reporting is available for making strategic decisions

Complete Financial Interpretation: We are your partner, assisting with financial information, profitability analysis, budgeting, cash flow recasts, business planning, banking relationships, and adapting business processes to changes in the business.

Forward-Looking Analytics: Bench-marking and forecasting all go beyond monthly cash flow or balance sheets to estimate certain decisions and their impact on future earnings. Carefully thought out predictive modeling can use historical data like your financials to identify risks and uncover opportunities.


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Mike Pitney CPA, Principal, Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Services

Mike serves as the Firm’s Outsourced Accounting & Advisory Services Leader and is based in the Raleigh office of BRC. He specializes in managing client relationships, providing strategic financial advice, leading and developing a team of professionals, and driving business growth. He ensures that accounting practices comply with regulations, oversee financial management, and implement […]