An Ever-Changing Landscape

Governmental entities face unique challenges in an ever-changing landscape. The complex regulatory and legal requirements, tight budgetary constraints providing fewer resources, and increased public scrutiny result in a dynamic environment where the only thing certain is change.

Depth of Understanding

At BRC, we have a thorough understanding of accounting, financial and consulting issues that are particular to the needs of the governmental sector. Our professionals have developed a detailed understanding of these issues by working with the different types of governmental entities. From single audits to internal control engagements, our assurance and consulting experience with governmental entities will help you navigate the complex regulations while serving your taxpayer constituency to best manage precious tax revenues collected. Our knowledge and experience, combined with our creative approach to problem solving enable us to earn a trusted advisor status with our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to work with governmental entities, such as:

  • Counties
  • Municipalities
  • Housing finance authorities
  • Healthcare districts
  • School districts
  • State agencies
  • State universities
  • Transportation authorities
  • Utility authorities

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Victor Blackburn Partner, CPA

"BRC has experience with a variety of governmental entities. We understand the pressures inherent in this space with continually trying to do more with less while demonstrating a high level of accountability over public funds. The advantages to everyone from a properly conducted audit fully justify the costs. As independent auditors, we help clients find ways to run leaner and more efficient operations, effectively monitor the conversion of resources into services citizens demand and maintain public trust."