Common Interest Realty Associations

Common Interest Realty Associations

(Condominium associations, homeowner associations and cooperative housing corporations (co-ops))

Homeowners rely on the Board of the Homeowner’s Association to manage the rules of their neighborhoods and communities, maintain the financial integrity and strength of the Association and keep dues and expenses to a minimum.

BRC has developed an experienced and qualified industry team comprised of professionals equipped with the specialized knowledge of Homeowner Associations to ensure we meet the needs of organizations within this industry.

  • Our team is comprised of members that have many years of experience with HOA’s, including members which currently or have previously served on the board of their HOA.
  • We work alongside many management companies and self-managed associations on their tax and accounting needs.
  • We are members of Community Association Institute (CAI) in order to stay abreast of the industry as it changes.

Due to the unique needs of HOA’s and the fiduciary responsibility that Board members have, choosing a firm like BRC is essential.  You can rely on our team to provide the financial insight you need to meet both your responsibility and the expectations of homeowners.


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