BRC CPE Symposium seats are filling up, register today!

BRC CPE Symposium seats are filling up, don’t miss the chance to register.


Reasons to attend the annual BRC symposium are as varied as the background and interests of the participants. You will leave with new ideas and knowledge about industry trends and cutting-edge issues, such as managing a remote workforce or shoring up cyber security. Some professionals come for the CPE credits or the always energizing ethics discussion, but there’s also immeasurable value in putting yourself in proximity to new and renewed social contacts.

BRC has long recognized the importance of hosting learning and skills development among clients and inside the organization as part of its role to be a good steward within the accounting industry. Our goal is to present tools our clients can use to make better-informed decisions and improve overall effectiveness within their organizations. We know from feedback that bringing together engaged people who care about industry trends and best practices has long-lasting networking benefits as well.

It tends to happen when you get out of the office and clear your calendar for a day. 然后, you sit next to someone highly skilled in his or her field, who turns to you after the speaker concludes their remarks to ask about your experience with the new tool, 计划, or process that was mentioned. In that simple exchange of ideas, you have expanded your professional reach and discovered a potential new asset. Periodic breaks for meals and a social hour during the day-long symposium also provide opportunities to meet – or reconnect with – interesting, forward-thinking individuals.

在BRC, the symposium has become a tradition that we and our clients embrace as a chance to reinvigorate and step away from the routine. We choose topics with broad appeal not only to educate but also to inspire innovation and motivate participants to apply what they’ve learned. Attendance grows annually, which assures us that we are on the right track. This year, attendees will learn about:

· Federal and North Carolina tax laws that will impact tax reporting requirements

· Wealth transfer 计划ning techniques for multi-generational (ultra) high-net-worth families

· Importance of communicating about leases, their changes and other post implementation of lease standards

· Pros and cons of remote employment from company’s and employees’ perspectives

· Techniques to navigate change

· North Carolina CPA ethics requirement for 2023

· Updates regarding cyber risks and hacking (panel discussion)

今天注册 and see how BRC brings fresh ideas and innovative approaches to knowledge sharing with clients and the community. You will want to add this event to your calendar every year.

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安迪·哈丁 Chief Development Officer

Andy serves as BRC’s Chief Development Officer.  Known as a bold and successful innovator and leader of practice growth,  Andy has nearly 35 years in the business community and 25+ years in the accounting industry.  He possesses extensive knowledge in positioning complex services for owners, CFOs and other “C-level” executives. Andy heads BRC’s strategic […]